5 Types of Flag Options

There are many reasons to choose flags for every occasion. From the simplest, simple pride in your country, to an extravagant display of patriotism and pride for your country, flags make a great choice for any given occasion. However, with so many choices available today, how do you know which flag you should choose? It may seem like a simple question, but the answer is far more complicated than you think. Here are just a few options to consider when choosing the perfect flag for you.


When considering flags for any occasion,

the most popular flag option is the single-sided flag. Most flags made today are made using a printing process that results in a single, solid print. Because of this, only a single centered image is visible on either side of your flag – each in full color. This creates the clear, crisp image seen on modern flags.


Because single-sided printing produces a crisp image,

double-sided flags also produce a crisp image. A flag with the flag colors on one side and a depiction of a map or other type of image on the other side can be very impressive. However, these images can be difficult to produce if you are printing your flag manually. For this reason, many printers today now offer a variety of software packages that allow you to quickly create a professional, double-sided flag.


In addition to the single-sided,

or static flag, other flag options allow for some variation in the colors and design of your flags. For instance, many high schools use their school colors as the main theme of their flags. While many schools have these specific colors, they also often choose unusual colors such as greens and yellows for their flags. At other times, the school colors are incorporated into a more abstract design. Regardless of the variation, it is an impressive design that can change the look and feel of any location.


Other types of flag options are less permanent.

For example, you can create flags out of any material that can withstand being used repeatedly. Flags can be created from aluminum, polyester, acrylic, vinyl, paper, and fabric. If you have a high school that uses these flag designs on its shirts, for example, you can easily create a shirt flag by imprinting the school’s name onto the flag. After this process is complete, it can then be used on another shirt to represent the same school.


Even if you don’t have a place for displaying your flag permanently,

you can still use temporary flag stands. These stands, which are commonly used at outdoor events like baseball championships, baseball tournaments, outdoor parties, and other sporting events, are very popular for displaying flags. You can purchase portable flag stands at most hardware stores or you can look for ones online. The nice thing about buying flags online is that you can find a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from.

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