Electricity Usage

A Good Idea to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

How to calculate the electricity usage in your household? It might be quite a task, but you’ll be surprised how easy it really is! Before you can learn about the different ways of calculating electrical usage, however, you have to decide what your estimated usage is for each month. With that decision made, you can then search for ways to save electricity!


To calculate energy consumption of an appliance,

you first have to know the wattage rating of the appliance. The wattage will give you a rough idea as to the amount of electricity the appliance uses. To calculate energy consumption of an electronic appliance or device, you’ll have to take three numbers: the kilowatt-hours used by the appliance per year, the estimated number of minutes per month it’s used, and finally, the cost you pay for electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh). Your kWh rate is usually printed on your electric bill, and your estimated average usage over time is easy enough to calculate… or so it seems. The problem is that you never see your total consumption or estimated minutes since you often forget to round up to the nearest whole minute.


To make things easier,

you can use an online electrical calculator tool that you simply input the estimated number of kilowatts used by your appliances per day. Once you’ve figured out how many kilowatts you need, multiply that by 365 days and round up to the nearest whole minute. This gives you your estimated energy usage for one year. Use this number to determine the number of kilowatts, you need to add to your existing power source each month.


A smart way to help lower your monthly electricity bill

is to reduce the usage of items that are constantly in use, such as televisions, game consoles and even your computer. These are obviously items that you use every single day, so the more usage you have, the more electricity it costs you each month. In order to decrease the amount of usage, you can disconnect those items, move them to a room temperature area or turn them off when not in use.


One useful trick

is to replace some of your existing electrical appliances with newer, less intensive models. For example, if you have two 30 hour-old style televisions, replacing them with one each with a high definition television and a DVD player would lower your usage by almost a third. While your older model may be perfectly fine, they are not very energy efficient. A modern model with an updated battery life, less wiring and increased performance should be able to save you a lot of money on kwh.



it is also a good idea to get an electrical usage monitor for your home to keep an eye on your usage. This will allow you to easily spot any spikes in the amount of electricity you are using. This can be especially useful if you happen to notice a small increase in your usage around the holidays or during sporting events (when electricity usage spikes are at their peak). You can then call your electrical provider and ask them for assistance. You may also want to consider getting software that will track your total consumption. This software can quickly tell you what your monthly kwh costs are and help you pinpoint areas where you can make improvements in order to save money on your overall electric bill.

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