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Compare Business Gas Prices Online to Save

In most business gas supplies, there are two main charges, the standing charges and the unit charge (sometimes also known as the commercial fuel charge). The standing fee usually applies to a set level of gas used and is determined by your gas supplier. Unit fees are based on your business use of gas and are determined by the gas supplier using a certain scale. These fees can often be influenced by your proximity to an installation facility (e.g. nearest station) and the size of your business.


Both standing and unit prices are affected

by the availability of gas in the UK. When there is more available gas, the price charged changes. This is usually true of the larger suppliers, who can pass their prices onto consumers. However, smaller suppliers tend to follow the same pricing methodology as the bigger ones and their prices will therefore often be higher than those offered by the big national energy suppliers. One way you could help to reduce business gas prices is to install energy-efficient appliances, which save you money on your fuel bill and make your workplace more environmentally friendly.


If you want to find the best deal when it comes

to business gas prices then you must take your time and do a lot of research. You should ask for quotes from a wide range of suppliers and don’t be put off by energy companies that try to sign you up for the biggest discount they can. In fact, these companies would love it if you signed up for the cheapest deal, but they don’t always offer the best price. You have to compare between dozens of suppliers, not just one, so you can see the different prices side by side.


Other ways you can reduce business gas prices

include choosing an efficient boiler, using low-energy lights, making sure you don’t overfill your tank to avoid having to pay extra for your fuel and looking at where you buy your gas. There are many benefits when buying your fuel online rather than from your local supplier, with the most notable one being that you will often find a better price. Buy fuel directly from the gas company, and you avoid all the middlemen involved, such as regulator fees and other charges. Sometimes you can pay up to 20% less for your monthly gas supply compared to buying it through a local supplier, so if you’re worried about finding the best deal you can always turn to the internet for help.


It is also important to remember

that it is not only the price per kwh that you have to compare when looking for a business gas deal. In fact, many of the tariffs you will be presented with are fixed tariffs, which means that they will stay the same for a certain period of time. You also need to compare the price per kwh along with the annual maintenance fee, which will vary depending on whether you choose an hourly rate or a daily rate. However, if you can make sure that your supplier has good customer support then this can take the stress and hassle out of the whole process.


To find the best deal when looking for business gas prices

it is really best to use a comparison site. Just enter your details, and in a few seconds, you will have some quotes to compare between your chosen suppliers. Take your time to read the terms and conditions, and don’t be tempted to change them once you have found your cheapest supplier. This can be an easy way to save yourself hundreds on your yearly gas bill, and you should never have to pay more than the quoted price. Make sure that you get quotes from as many different suppliers as possible to really get a good idea of what each one offers. The last thing you want is to be ripped off, so doing your research is essential.

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