Buying the Right Body Armor

Buying the Right Body Armor

Body armor is a type of self-defense protection, designed to be worn by the individual while engaging in a self-defense scenario. Most commonly, it is used by police officers and military personnel, but it can also be used by ordinary citizens as well. Body armor is available in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as various designs that include several pieces. There are many factors to consider when purchasing body armor.


First, what is the size of the person?

This is important because different devices will fit different-sized individuals. The average size for most body armor pieces is one inch larger than the subject’s height. This will give the best protection against handguns and other sharp objects that could cause injury.


Second, what is the level of protection needed?

Higher caliber handgun bullets tend to mushroom in an individual’s body, especially when multiple shots are fired. A good rule of thumb is that one inch of body armor is equivalent to thirty counts of ammunition. However, it is not necessarily true. Some people have been known to suffer injuries from such high-caliber projectiles, even with a full-body armor vest. The level of protection provided by the vest will be diminished greatly, however, if the individual is carrying more than one handgun.


The size guide for a properly fitted vest

should be based on the height of the subject. For example, a forty-year-old female would not ordinarily wear body armor that is one size smaller than she wears today. A size guide that is too small will provide insufficient protection, while one that is too large will be like wearing a tent as opposed to a protective chest armor.


Third, what is the intent of wearing body armor?

If you are only carrying a handgun or if you are only planning on using it for self-defense, then you don’t need protection from handguns at all. However, if you are involved in a life-or-death situation, and you must protect yourself by any means necessary, then you do need protection from handgun fire. In this case, you will probably need a concealable jacket. Concealed cuffs and flaps can also help prevent injury to you or others.


Finally, it is important to know what the NIJ (Nuclear Threat Condition) rating

is for the particular body armor being used. The NIJ ( Ballistic Penetration Number) rating indicates the level of protection that the product offers when being used to defend against a gunshot. The lower the number, the better the product will perform in a combat situation. While some products do not use standard ballistic ratings, the ones that do are the best to use. Regardless of what type of body armor you need to purchase, you must find the right one by getting your ballistic nylon body armor from a reputable source.

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