Effects Of Excessive Power Consumption

With so many fresh data centers on the way, today it’s worth considering the pernicious realities of massive data center power consumption. Even with numerous technological advances in green energy solutions, the hard facts of the matter are that not only large and medium data centers consume a LOT of power respectively. In fact, in just the last three years, one-quarter of all global electricity consumption comes from just one area alone! The sheer scale of this phenomenon is staggering. In the coming article, we’ll take a look at just some of the effects of excessive power consumption at work…

Power Reduction

When circuits are being run by high power consumption equipment, they will often consume an unnecessarily large amount of energy. As the circuit responds to power pulses, more power is required, and so the circuit ends up consuming even more energy. The worst-case scenario here is when the circuit is reaching its maximum load, and power consumption spikes as the system try to respond to these spikes. When running a heavy circuit with many power-consuming elements, the circuit is taking up a lot of energy. This can lead to a ‘starved’ state, where the circuit cannot operate reliably and will often crash. Reducing power consumption in a circuit, therefore, is an important step to preventing circuit failure.

Energy Efficient Design

The problem with many modern designs is that they are unnecessarily complex and difficult to maintain. A modern circuit design will be riddled with multitudes of wires, and so it’s very easy to overlook a wire here and there. The end result is a circuit that consumes a lot of power, yet produces very little energy. To avoid this, designers must ensure that all necessary connections between wires are properly insulated. This will help reduce circuit complexity and ensure that power consumption is reduced as much as possible.

Minimizing Power Consumption

One way to cut power consumption in a circuit is to ‘parallelize’ circuits. If two circuit boards are designed to share a power source, then it is easier for the system to consume as much energy as possible from that source. In theory, one board will only consume a certain amount of energy, while the other will hold constant and only draw power when needed. Designers must work to minimize energy use in their designs by thinking carefully about how each wire in a circuit is connected.

Using Photovoltaic Cells

When electricity is created by sunlight, it is usually used to generate electricity through photovoltaic cells. This is a great source of free electricity and can help reduce power consumption even further. However, because electricity is a natural resource, it is harmful to the environment. Although a photovoltaic cell is a great energy source, its use also results in the emission of ozone into the atmosphere.

Using the Law of Attraction

An important step in reducing the use of electricity in a circuit is to bring it into your own state of mind. To do this, you need to understand the concept behind the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so if you place things in a particular location where you would like something more, they will attract it into your reality. By placing things in front of windows with the Law of Attraction, you can reduce power consumption in a circuit as well as reduce your carbon footprint.

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