Energy Meters Are Important

Why Energy Meters Are Important For Your Business?

An energy meter is basically a device that is placed in different premises and houses to monitor the amount of electrical and gas used in that particular property. Usually, when you have both mains electricity and gas in your household, you will have two energy meters inside your house, one to record the use of electricity and the other for the usage of gas. In a more advanced household, the meters are usually placed outside the premises, but in most cases, they are put inside the premises, which makes it easier to find them. Even if the meters are placed outside, it does not mean that they are easy to find because they are normally hidden under carpets, which makes it hard for anyone to search for them. Therefore, even if you can find an energy meter, it will take some time to find the exact measurement, since it is placed inside your premises.


The two different types of energy meters

are single rate and dual rate. A single-rate meter will display the amount of electrical energy used for a certain period of time, while a dual-rate meter will indicate how much gas is used over that period of time. Usually, when you pay your monthly electricity or gas bill, a bill reminder will come up, reminding you to change the meter type. However, some newer energy meters indicate both the usage of electricity and gas separately, which allow you to have both services at the same time. It is up to you to find out whether your meter actually shows both the services.


For business uses, especially those that generate

their own power, the installation of these meters is very important. This is because you must know the exact readings to ensure that your machines and equipment are working correctly. There are different brands available for energy meters, and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to know what you need before buying one.


The reason why the installation of energy meters

is important for business applications is that they can prevent excessive wastage of electricity or gas. If the system used by your company is already outdated, it may still give you inaccurate readings. This can affect your machines and even your customers’ satisfaction as they would not receive the right amount of power or gas for their consumption. Another problem that can arise from using old, faulty, or old-fashioned energy meters is that they are known to give false signals. There are some cases wherein the readings of your machine are way off, which then results in the interruption of operations.


In most cases where the readings are off by more than 10%

the supplier will consider replacing the old meters with a new single phase type. The single-phase meters do not have the capability to detect any variation in the amount that flows through the wire, therefore they are less prone to detecting any faulty connections in the wiring system. In the case that your existing meters are problematic or erroneous, it is best to contact a reputable Energy Delivery Consultant (EDC) who can give you the proper advice regarding the replacement of your old single-phase meters with the new single-phase ones.


Energy Meters nowadays can be installed easily

by professional technicians, making it easier for you to know your monthly and yearly energy usage. Energy suppliers or contractors can also help you determine whether you need to change or update your meter models according to their updated energy usage information. Aside from getting a good energy bill value every month, having a more accurate meter reading can also help you save money, time, and effort because you do not need to repeatedly visit your energy supplier to make sure that the bills have been sent to the correct addresses. Energy Meters is a great way to control energy usage, as well as improving your business’s efficiency.

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