Fashionable Shoes

Shoes have been around since man started walking on two feet. A shoe is basically an article of footwear designed to protect and support the human foot. Shoes were also primarily used as a functional piece of footwear, designed to perform a specific job. The style of shoes has changed vastly through history and across culture, with appearance often being associated with function alone.


Shoe design and function are closely linked, as the design of today’s shoes is vastly different to those of yesterday. Modern shoes are made with the sole of the shoe in mind – making sure that the sole is sturdy, flexible and able to absorb shock while also being aesthetically pleasing. Most modern shoes are made from materials such as leather, synthetic leather, canvas and rubber, although synthetic leather and canvas are less common. However, all shoes are constructed with the four corners of the foot in mind, making sure that the heel counter is even across the whole shoe.

The shoe is one of the oldest forms of footwear, having evolved from the use of slits (called hems in shoe making) to provide ventilation to feet as well as acting as a means of protection from the elements. The first pair of shoes was invented for a man called Antigua, who found them extremely useful when he had to walk long distances and in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. The shoe was named after him because of its unique design, which featured a flat sole that curved slightly at the end – to aid walking. The curved part of the shoe was later called the “antiguan” by the people of Antigua and it remains to this day the only shoe of this type in the world.


The shoe was then adopted by the ancient Chinese, who began to use it as part of their clothing as well as footwear. Shoe manufacture then spread to Europe in the sixteenth century and a new name was given to this type of shoe – “pilot” – which is usually where the term “shoes” came from today. The term pilot actually referred to a kind of sandal, which was worn by the pilots during the time of the Italian Renaissance as a kind of protection from their highly sensitive skin. The term eventually changed to “shoe” and became associated with the sport, as a way of preventing injury.

The Grecian renaissance era brought about many inventions and new designs in shoe-making. Shoe-making techniques were improved by adding a solid heel counter, which made the shoes much more stable, and they gradually became known as stiletto shoes. A new term was coined to describe this style of shoe, and they became known as “velvet shoes.” They featured a thin sole and a heel made of leather, fabric, or some other flexible material. “Sole” in this context doesn’t refer to the actual part of the foot, but rather refers to the part of the material that connects the upper part of the shoe to the bottom part of the shoe. The thickness of the sole depended upon the purpose of the shoe.


As you can see, there are many people who love their shoes, and those who hate them. There are a lot of fashion and cosmetic trends that focus on shoes. A pair of stylish shoes can say a lot about a person. Whether it’s because they match your dress to your eyes, or because they make your calves look longer, or because they enhance your hips, a nice pair of shoes can really make a big difference in your appearance. It’s not that hard to understand why so many people spend so much money on fashionable footwear.

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