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Four Ps of Marketing

Marketing refers to actions that a business undertakes in order to advertise the sale or purchasing of a certain product, service, or asset. It is used to identify prospective buyers of that product, and persuade them to make the purchase. This enables businesses to gain profit through increased sales or clientele. The term was first used by marketers to refer to the dissemination of information about a particular company or product to potential customers. Today, marketing has grown into a very complicated field.


The various aspects of marketing are: identifying prospects, building a relationship with customers, communicating with customers, and convincing customers. There are four Ps to marketing which include: commitment, posture, preparation, and performance. These four Ps represent the core elements of marketing. Marketers commit to the plan, prepare themselves, communicate the message, and measure results.

Marketing mix includes both the message and the means of delivery. For example, marketers can communicate their offer via the media, such as the Internet and TV, and by use of billboards, brochures, and fliers. They can also choose to mail their offer to potential customers, or call upon customers to their doorsteps. To get the desired response, marketers must keep in mind the needs of the customer and develop a customized marketing mix. A tailored marketing mix allows marketers to reach their target audience with the right message at the right time.


The relationships involved in marketing are also important to the success of marketing. This is because a successful marketing campaign involves both the message and the customer. For example, if a marketing campaign targets only new customers, it will fail unless the customer experience is positive. Successful marketing also requires building long-term relationships with the customers. This requires developing strong customer loyalty, increasing the perceived value of the brand, communicating the benefits of using the brand, and providing customers with opportunities to build loyalty.

Customer service is an integral part of the marketing mix. Effective marketing relies heavily on providing the customer with access to information about the product or service they need. Customers must feel that they are in complete control of the decision making process. This is why developing an effective customer service program is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.


As a result of the various factors that go into developing a customized marketing mix, the definition of marketing has changed over the years. Today, marketing refers to any activities aimed at attaining an audience and relationship with another party. In business, marketing refers to the process by which a firm develops, implements, and delivers a commercial product or service to a specific market segment. The marketing mix that a firm uses will depend on the target audience of the firm, the nature of the product or service to be offered, and the degree to which the firm can satisfy those markets. In short, marketing refers to the four Ps: commitment, communication, personalization, and perseverance.

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