Get a Better Smile

New Innovations in Cosmetic Dentistry to Get a Better Smile

Dr. Samer K. Riad, DDS, and founder of the Better Smile of WNY clinics are driven by his passion for his profession and dedication to providing excellent service to all who seek his help. His mission as a dental surgeon was to help all who come to him, be it patients, families, or those from other professions who seek treatment for any condition of their mouth or teeth. By providing a holistic approach to his practice, he strives to not only help the present patient but also to create a better tomorrow for all who are suffering from any form of oral ailment.


What is the source of your pain?

Do you know? Have you ever thought over it? Or have you tried to get to the bottom of your pain by visiting your doctor and getting all kinds of treatment but still experiencing nothing more than minor aches and pains? It is true that most people experience minor aches and pains in their teeth and jaws after brushing and flossing their teeth regularly but do they know that they can actually prevent the conditions that can later lead to worse oral health problems? This is what makes Dr. Samer’s treatments different and better from most others.


His treatment methods

focus on the prevention of any disease and thus improve the quality of life for all who seek his services. The Better Smile of WNY clinics offers dentistry in the form of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic dentistry, and endodontic dentistry, thus ensuring all types of dental procedures are offered for all who need them. It is one clinic that believes in making the lives of its patients better rather than making their lives worse. As a result, they strive to offer all types of services to all people who visit them so that dental procedures may be avoided.


One of the popular procedures performed

at the Better Smile of WNY is Dental Bonding. In this dental procedure, a dental bonding agent is applied to the surface of the teeth so that it is permanently fixed there. After a bonding process is done, a crown or a dental crown is then placed on the tooth to complete the better smile of WNY patients.


Another procedure performed at the Better Smile

of WNY clinics is the Dental Veneers. Dental veneers are also called porcelain veneers or dental crowns. They are generally used for cosmetic purposes and they can give your mouth a better smile. During the cosmetic procedure of dental veneers, thin wafer-like materials are bonded to your teeth so that they will not decay easily and they will look natural and perfect once they are installed.


A third popular treatment method

is the Dental Implant. Cosmetic dentists perform this procedure when the patient wants to enhance his smile with dental implants since there are various benefits such as improving the functioning of the jaw while providing a more permanent feature. The use of dental implants is the most important alternative to dental bridges, restorative dentures, and other restorative procedures since it is one of the effective methods to get a better smile.

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