Green Energy – Renewable Energy Source

difference between renewable and green energy

Green energy is any source of energy that is derived from renewable natural resources, including water, wind or sun. It can also come from non-renewable energy sources but the two categories often come from the same place. In many cases renewable means that the energy can be replenished, while green energy does not. The difference between renewable and green energy lies in how it can be used.

With this type of energy source, we know how to use it, as well as how to replace it if it is used up. Renewable green energy does not have to be replaced, only harnessed. This makes it very attractive to those that would like to save the planet, as well as individuals that simply want to help save the environment.

There are several types of renewable, green energy including:

Solar Power: Using the power of the sun to create electricity is a form of renewable energy, also called photovoltaics. A number of companies are working on new ways to make this technology better, so that we can hopefully replace fossil fuels with them one day. Many companies have already started using this type of clean energy for everything from producing steam to drying clothes. There are still a number of limitations with solar power though, mainly that the amount of power that can be produced is limited by the amount of light that can actually be absorbed.

Wind Energy: This is another form of clean energy that is created by the wind. The wind spins blades to generate energy, much the same as solar panels do. Wind turbines are becoming more widespread all over the world as well, due to the fact that it is now possible to obtain them for a low cost. Some analysts predict that in the near future, all the world’s power could come from wind energy. However, this is a very long way away from being a reality, so far as we currently know wind power is only reliable if there is plenty of wind.

renewable energy has its limitations

Wave Power: There are two different types of renewable energy that are commonly known: hydroelectricity and wind power. Hydroelectric power is the use of moving water to generate electricity, using dams. For wind power, an offshore wind farm is used to harness the power of the wind. Both of these are now becoming commonplace in several locations around the world where the water is available.

All renewable energy has its limitations, but on the whole they are both very efficient and clean. They are also much better for the environment than fossil fuels are. Due to their wide range of advantages, it is now a very good time to switch to a green energy source. Due to technological improvements over the last few years, it has never been more economically viable.

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