How to Convert an Electric Vehicle Into an EV

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Many businesses are considering investing in their fleets of trucks and automobiles to increase their profitability. It is a fact that electric vehicles can help to reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption and emission footprint, making them more environmental friendly. But how do you get your business into the electric vehicle (EV) movement? There are a number of ways.

Increase Your Pricing. You could begin electrifying your business fleet with the inclusion of a hybrid or electric vehicle charge converter. Some existing dealerships offer a zero percent financing program that can help you move into electrified vehicles faster. Also check with your local state gas rebate office for the availability of electric vehicle (EV) rebates. Many states offer substantial rebates on the purchase of electric vehicles, making them even more attractive.

Invest In Quality Training

Many companies believe that the best way to be successful is to invest in quality training and education. This can include training on how to use electric vehicles safely and how to maintain their efficiency. The American Automobile Association offers a variety of courses designed to teach auto owners how to run a business fleet of vehicles and how to electrify them. EV schools can help you learn about the ins and outs of the EV marketplace, helping you determine which models are right for your business fleet.

Install New Charging Equipment. If you already own your business fleet of electric vehicles, you may be able to save money on the installation of new chargers. Check with your local power distributor to see if you can be eligible for a rebate on the purchase and installation of new chargers. Some manufacturers offer savings on EV chargers depending on the size of the system and the number of electric vehicles in your fleet. If you install a smaller charger, it will cost less than a larger, more expensive one.

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Expand Your Charging Options. You can also expand the available charge points on your existing chargers to meet the needs of your fleet. There are two primary methods of expanding a battery’s charge points: installing a new unit or expansion to a series of charge points. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The expansion of charge points to multiple units is faster and more efficient than the installation of a new unit. However, it requires additional wiring, installation, and equipment and, if the expansion is located far from the hub or the factory where your vehicle is manufactured, it may not be approved by the manufacturer.

Charge All Of Your Vehicles. If you own more than one vehicle, you may be able to save money on the installation of a series of “smart” chargers that automatically charge the vehicles as they are driven. These chargers can turn an unutilized EV into a fully functional, electric vehicle (EV). The advantage to this is that your entire fleet will benefit from the savings, since all of your vehicles will have access to recharging at the same time, reducing wear and tear on the batteries.

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