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SEO checklist for small companies

It’s important to do your small business SEO from the top down. But there are at least eleven things you can work on to begin moving the scale for your small companies. This SEO checklist for small companies will help you list off each item as you implement it. It also includes:

What to address first. Your small business service and SEO activities should be strategically organized around the keywords or keyword phrases that will provide your greatest opportunity for success. For example, the most important thing to address first is your website design. You want to have a professional website designed with a well-designed template and easy to use navigation features. Make sure that your pages are search engine optimized so that they appear near the top of any SERP.

Small Business SEO Experts often recommends social bookmarking

This next item on the small business checklist should be considered at the very beginning. If you offer local businesses a great product or service then why not leave reviews for them on all of your social media pages? Social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ are great tools for doing this. In addition to leaving reviews on your own page, you can also leave reviews on your competitor’s pages. Just don’t forget to leave your link to your site as well! Just remember, the key here is to make sure that the reviews are honest and to leave comments that are relevant to your customers.

Small Business SEO Experts often recommends social bookmarking as another great tool for increasing exposure to your business. The best way to increase the traffic to your site with social bookmarking is to use high quality tags to make your bookmarks more searchable. The great thing about social bookmarking is that small businesses can find good bookmarking tools that are already in place on many of these social networking sites.

SEO efforts is a website audit

Finally, another tool that can really help boost your small business’s SEO efforts is a website audit. By doing an audit of your website and performing a search on any of the major search engines you will get some fantastic ideas of what your site is missing. A lot of times, small business owners will go and buy domains that are already registered but they just don’t have any SEO set up on them. While purchasing a domain is a great idea, you want to make sure that you spend the time involvement with getting your site ranked in the search engines. Don’t think that you can save a few dollars by not having to hire an SEO consultant – you will just be wasting money!

So there you have it. These are the three most important items on a local SEO Checklist that can really help a small business owner’s online presence. Now that you understand what each of these tools is for, you need to focus on getting your website ranked in Google, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. With the help of these two powerful advertisements continue reading below.

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