Medieval Armor – What is It and Where Can You Find It?

Medieval Armors

In the dark ages, before modern medicine and technology, people in Europe used to wear elaborate medieval armor. These armors were made from very good quality metals such as steel, molybdenum, tin and iron. Today, these medieval armor are still being used by elite soldiers and war veterans. In the past, people only used leather armor, but it was discovered that by combining different kinds of metals and other compounds, one could make an incredibly sturdy armor. Through hard work and several experiments, this combination was eventually used to make medieval armor that is still used today.


There are many advantages of using medieval armor, especially for people who want to look unique. Medieval armor is available in different sizes and designs, depending on what kind of medieval clothing you are wearing. During the time of the knights and king, people had to protect themselves from enemies and each soldier used a different kind of medieval armor, because they used different types of weapons. Today, modern technology has improved the designs of this medieval armor, making it even better than it was during those days.

Medieval Armor

For example, a medieval armor may look like chain mail but actually it is made from steel plate. People used this type of medieval armor during the Middle Ages to protect them from injuries caused by bullets, arrows and even crossbows. During this time, people were still wearing clothes without any shirt or pants. Thus, medieval armor helped people to avoid getting badly hurt if they accidentally bumped into something.

In addition, there are also some medieval armors that have decorations and embellishments that do not have any meaning for practical purposes, but they are still used during the medieval times because people wanted to create a kind of jewelry. For example, armor made from chain mail with wooden buttons, bronze or gold decorations will look fashionable, but it will provide no protection at all. People during this time used many kinds of precious stones, beads and jewels to design their armor. For example, they used jagged stones, citrine and emeralds. However, the most commonly used precious stone during this period was diamond. Because diamond was so rare, most people used this kind of stone during this time period.


Medieval costumes and medieval armors have great significance in history. They have been used during wars and conflicts. During this time, people wore these medieval ornaments to be able to distinguish themselves from the others. Also, there are many places around the world that have medieval history and this history date back to the 10th century. The styles and patterns of these medieval armor varied according to the era of the armor and the place where it was made. There are also some armors that have been made for specific reasons, such as armor for women or for children during wars.

Therefore, people who would want to preserve the memory of this era or would want to relive the feeling of it when they were still living can use the medieval armor. Even today, this type of armor is still used by some people who would like to keep their family identity or would just want to be brave and tough. These armors have been used for many years but have been made more durable nowadays. People who would like to get a collection of these medieval armors can do so at online shops.

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