Relationship Advice: How to Deal With Premature Ejaculation

The most obvious symptom of premature ejaculation is actually the inability to delay premature ejaculation even for a minute after intercourse. But the trouble may also occur in all sex acts, even in masturbation. Acquired premature ejaculation basically develops after you have had previous sexual encounters with no sexual difficulties whatsoever. You may not be able to last long enough to reach orgasm and then need to either quit or go to a second session. And if this happens often, it will start to wear down your self esteem and you might develop the idea that having sex without any delay is somehow a form of rape or a violation. Thus, developing any kind of anxiety or fear beforehand is crucial to delaying premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation


One way you can get numbing medication for sexual purposes is by getting the local numbing agent from your doctor or even over the counter such as the numbing gel. Or if you prefer, you can just purchase a desensitizing condom which you can place directly on your penis and thus make you numb from the sensation. You just have to wear the condom for a few minutes before sex and soon you will lose your ability to feel sensation from the very first intercourse.


There are times when this kind of problem does not occur even with the use of a desensitizing agent. This could be because there is something wrong with your body or hormones. For instance, some women experience premature ejaculation after they undergo surgery. They are said to be “traumatized” by the surgery and so lose their ability to have a pleasurable orgasm. This is a very common problem for women who had breast or vaginal surgeries.


If you have this condition and you still feel like having sex, then you should try some behavioral methods first. These methods have been proven to be effective in reducing the frequency of PE among men. With these behavioral methods, you will be able to control your ejaculatory response when you have sex with your partner. As an alternative to desensitizing creams or condoms, using these behavioral methods may allow you to enjoy sex more.


However, if your partner has already experienced premature ejaculation, then it would be too much to ask her to stop having sex with you. She might already feel like you don’t value her enough and she might feel like having sex with you is equivalent to cheating on her. When this happens, your relationship problems will only grow and you will find it harder to fix the relationship problems later on. Thus, it is best to avoid having premature ejaculation with partners who have already experienced the pain of being cheated on.


To fix your premature ejaculation, you can try the stop-start technique. This technique enables you to delay ejaculating for up to three minutes. It works by applying pressure on the pubic area and thus delaying the ejaculate from coming out. If you can perform this technique well, then you will be able to last longer during your sexual intercourse. As a result, your partner will get aroused much sooner and will not be disappointed when you cannot last long during penetration. You can use this technique on your next sexual encounter to help improve your love life.

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