The battle between the Wakizashi Sword and The Katana Sword

The Wakizashi Sword Vs The Katana Sword

The battle between the Wakizashi Sword and The Katana Sword is a classic example of how swords fight with each other. The two main swords in Japan were used almost exclusively for close combat. The wakizashi sword was an option that could be added to a samurai’s weapon to give them more power, and at the same time provide them with a secondary blade if they needed extra leverage. Samurai would use the sword as a backup when they were unable to make it into a city with their traveling troops.


During the battle of Ogasawara

there were two armies with the Shikai warriors from the north attacking the samurai from the south. The army which had the larger force of troops and weapons was defeated by the samurai. However, they still retained their blades. The defeated army was allowed to return to their base with their equipment, and their king had them bury their dead soldiers with a stone knife and say that they had brought back their bodies but that they lost all their battle swords with them. The wakizashi was then incorporated into their Wakizashi Sword and became known as the “King’s Sword.”


The sword would go on to become a legendary weapon throughout Japanese history.

The wakizashi was used as a substitute in many battles until the katana was introduced. The katana was introduced during the Edo period and was used to great effect. It was noted that the swords that had been used in the battle of Ogasawara were longer and heavier than the blades of the samurai warriors. The design of the katana made it easier to cut down thicker and more heavily armored enemy soldiers.


The wakizashi sword, unlike the katana

could be separated into five separate parts or tanto. These parts, called the hilt, blade, handle, and tip, were distinctively different from each other, and most swordsmen trained in the dojo would use only three of the five swords when fighting. The wakizashi sword was considered too light by most samurai warriors and they would use a two-handed sword, much like the garda or two-handed sword.


The wakizashi was also used as a collector’s item

by some Japanese samurai warriors. The name “wakizashi” means “wing sword,” therefore, these swords were often used on the battlefield to attack enemy troops from the front while the samurai used heavier weapons such as the katana to attack from the rear. The two-handed sword, which was a shorter sword than the typical samurai swords, was much easier to use in a battle and the attackers were able to use this advantage to try and destroy the enemy before they had a chance to fully mount an attack on the warrior.


In the Muromachi period

after the end of the Edo period, the wakizashi sword was used for all manner of practical reasons and was even used to create the pattern for the modern katana. Many of the wakizashi swords that are still found in Japan date back to this period. Today, many Japanese citizens own wakizashi swords because of their history.

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