Water Audit and Its Advantages

A full water audit usually consists of three stages

A water audit is the process of finding leaks in the water system of a building. In this process the audited area is documented to reveal the current condition of the water supply system.

The first stage is the master meter test. During this stage the master meter is checked to identify any leaks using the non-intrusive method. If the detected leaks are confirmed then the water audit team will recommend action such as repairing or replacing the faulty meter. Other water audits may be recommended as part of the process.

The second stage is leak detection

The purpose of this stage is to determine the source of any suspected leaks. Some water audits will only identify where there are problems, but not locate where they are located. In an integrated water conservation process an accurate water measurement can be achieved. This can be done by the use of submersible well pumps or a hydronic meter. Submersible well pumps use gravity to draw up water from wells below normal water levels, while a hydronic meter measures water conservation efficiency by detecting changes in temperature.

The third and final stage of the water audit is system testing. This stage includes an estimate of the water usage. It also includes an estimation of the estimated water savings due to water conservation measures. A report on the results of system testing can be given to the client. Based on the results of this report the water usage can be reduced or even stopped completely.

Large scale water audits are recommended for large scale water use areas

This is because detecting and correcting water leaks are not always possible. In addition to repairs and replacement of parts it may also be necessary to install new equipment to detect any leaks or excess water use. Water audits can be performed on a quarterly basis or more frequently at alternate intervals as per the needs of the client. All leaks and excess water use should be corrected promptly to ensure long term viability of the structure.

Water audits conducted by certified professionals provide comprehensive reports that give an accurate picture of how much water is used, wasted energy. These reports also contain recommendations on improving management and implement strategies to reduce water consumption and costs. Water auditors are highly trained to know where any leakage or excess flow is and recommend replacement or repair depending on severity. They also offer services for leak detection as well as other services. It is advisable to contact water auditors who have expertise in the field for their efficient and reliable services.

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