What Can an Employment Attorney Do For Me?

An employment attorney represents workers and employers in many workplaces disputes, which include:

Wrongful termination. Firing someone for reasons that are not fair employment practices. Punishment for terminating an employee for reasons that are not based on the employee’s performance. Compensation for wrongful termination and other employment law issues.


Misclassification. The use of de-classified information or false information can be a violation of Title VII. A good employment attorney will help clients who have been illegally discriminated against based on sex, race, age, religion, national origin, or any other protected category. If employees are wrongly terminated, they may pursue a case in court.

Bribery. If an employer offers a bonus or other benefit to an employee, this is considered an improper reward or salary increase and may constitute illegal discrimination. An employment attorney can advise an employee who has received a promotion or bonus that they are not entitled to this increase if it was based on race, gender, or any other discriminatory category. Also, if an employer fails to give an employee the required notice or break down of the duties and pay for these duties, this could be considered a form of retaliation.


Disparation. A common form of discrimination occurs when an employee is treated worse than other similarly situated employees of the same gender, race, age, or religion. In addition, if an employee is demoted or otherwise treated unfairly for reasons that are not based on these qualities, the employee has the right to sue for unequal treatment. An employment attorney can advise an employee if they feel they have been unfairly treated or can advise their client on what steps to take in filing a lawsuit.

Promotion. Sometimes employers give raises or promotions to employees for wrong reasons. For example, if an employer increases the employee’s workload without justification, or gives them work they are not qualified for, this can be considered discrimination. An experienced employment attorney can advise their client on what steps to take if they believe they have been unfairly selected for a promotion or how to claim damages for suffering due to this treatment. In addition, if the employee feels they are not receiving promotion in light of their performance, they may have a case against their employer if they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination.


Workers’ Compensation. If an employee is injured on the job or suffers an injury off the job because of work-related accidents, they have the right to seek compensation from their employer. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can advise their clients on how to handle this matter, and how much money they may be entitled to seek. Having a good worker’s compensation attorney on their side will make sure that they receive the maximum amount of workers compensation possible, which will allow their recovery to be rapid and satisfactory.

These are just a few examples of what an employment attorney can do for you if you suffer any form of employment discrimination, harassment, or injustice. Although the majority of employers are decent people who want to treat all employees fairly, there are situations where you might feel vulnerable because of your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or religion. A skilled attorney can help you find the protection you deserve, whether it be because of being discriminated against, harassed, or unfairly dismissed from your job. If you think you have experienced these issues, now is the time to contact an employment attorney to discuss your case.

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