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Property Insurance Questions


Q Are you able to insure properties anywhere in the UK?
A Yes, although we are based in a small town in Bedfordshire, we offer the same specialised service to any property in the UK.
Q Is there a charge for a quotation?
A No, all of our quotations are free of charge with no obligation, along with our personal advice service. We will be delighted to talk with you.
Q I am happy with my current insurance provider, why should I change?
A If you are unsure whether you are fully protected, that you are paying the best price and are receiving the level of customer service you require we would love the chance to see if we can help. Our policies include protections for you and your family that are simply not included in run-of-the-mill insurance companies, such as the cost for rebuild using period materials, or the replacement of leaded lights.
A Yes, whether this is combined with buildings insurance or as a standalone policy, we will recommend the most suitable, relevant and cost-effective policy. Many of our customers have non-standard needs not supported by generic policies such as high-value jewellery, furs, antique guns, paintings and art and cash deposits. This is our 'bread and butter' and our policies will give you the peace of mind knowing that your pride and joy is protected.
Q Are you contactable after business hours?
A Yes, you can reach us in the evening or at weekends at your convenience.
Q Are there any arrangement fees when taking out a policy?
A Absolutely not. There are no upfront arrangement fees and no administration fees for mid-term adjustments. We actively encourage you to update the policies as your situation changes to ensure you are fully protected.
Q Can you also provide protection for my business?
A Yes, many of our clients run businesses from their properties whether that be riding stables or a small manufacturing plant. Our parent broker Bullerwell & Co Ltd offer specialist professional indemnity and property insurance tailored to your needs and those of your business.

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