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Farmhouse Property Insurance

Grade II listed farmhouse

A case study on:

A grade II detached farmhouse


A large, Grade II detached farmhouse, with three surrounding barns in the grounds.


The client's previous insurer refused to renew their policy because two out of three of the barns were soon to be converted (into living space and a home office).


We only had seven days to arrange insurance cover.


In that time, we presented the client with several options to make a decision. Listed Property Protection (LPP) organised a policy to cover the main farmhouse and the third barn, including contents. The builder's insurance covered the other two barns during the construction process and then they were added to the main policy upon completion.


Once the works were complete, our client had a survey of the entire property that provided an accurate rebuild figure for the main farmhouse and the converted barns. We also highlighted that this meant that they benefited from the 150% guaranteed rebuild benefit.

“This was a really beautiful property, with interesting development works going on. The owners were already making a lot of complicated decisions, the last thing they needed was a hassle over insurance. We made sure they had peace of mind.
HARRY WALLER, Listed Property Protection (LPP)


If something goes wrong with your listed, thatched or historic property – you want the peace of mind that those helping you to sort out the problem, care as much about the property as you do. OR, at least, understand its special features and historic beauty. Listed Property Protection (LPP) has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and only works with insurance companies and property contractors who are also up to speed. Getting the right cover in place now can save a huge headache, not to mention financial outlay, down the line, when DISASTER STRIKES.

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