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Historic Property Insurance

A property dating from the 1700's

Insurance case study:

An historic property, dating back to the 1700's


A historic property, dating back to the 1700's, to be purchased by our client.


Our client had had been living in a newly built home for the previous 10 years. Their existing insurer said it could cover the new property if they replaced all the original window latches and locks on the doors with modern options (to comply with the minimum security levels that the policy required). They also dramatically increased the excess and wouldn't provide separate excess for both buildings and contents.


We organised insurance cover with a company that understood the unique aspects of an historic property. It would not have been possible to put modern locks onto original windows and doors. It was clear in the policy schedule that, if there was a requirement for the security to be upgraded, that they would accept reasonable provisions that suited the style and era of the property.


Our client was happy with the quote offered, which was even subject to a lower excess than what their previous insurers had provided. They were relieved to have found insurance that was truly designed for a historic property.

“This is a classic situation. Many people and mainstream insurers don't understand that a unique property needs a unique insurance plan. It's not that difficult to arrange, when you know who to turn to
TRACEY WARREN, Listed Property Protection (LPP)


If something goes wrong with your listed, thatched or historic property – you want the peace of mind that those helping you to sort out the problem, care as much about the property as you do. OR, at least, understand its special features and historic beauty. Listed Property Protection (LPP) has more than 40 years of experience in the industry and only works with insurance companies and property contractors who are also up to speed. Getting the right cover in place now can save a huge headache, not to mention financial outlay, down the line, when DISASTER STRIKES.

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